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Hub20 is a numpad with a bunch of features you never knew you needed. They include:

  • Left and Right handed layouts supported, along with a 4x5 1U grid enabling it to be used as a macropad.
  • Two rotary encoders, enabling intuitive controls for a wide range of tools including CAD and photo / video editing.
  • Inbuilt USB 2.0 Hub with Type-C connectors, allowing connection to other keyboards, memory sticks, wireless receivers and more!
  • VIA and QMK compatibility, including a “macro” mode enabling the keys to be remapped on a host computer.
  • 27 addressable RGB leds, including one under each key.

If this project looks familiar, it’s because it contains all the best parts of Hub16, with a few added extras.

Hub20 is available for purchase on Tindie.

For the getting started guide, documentation, and design files, please visit the Hub20 Github repo.

multiple hub20s daisy chained together

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