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A project between Josh and RiotPunch to build a 75% alice keyboard with a southpaw numpad. Running on a STM32 microcontroller, it has support for both normal and flipped numpad layouts, various lower row combinations, and underglow RGB.

Assembled louise top view

Thanks to Warmthoughts for the photo.


All design files are available on Github.

The release tab contains the qmk source files, VIA JSON, along with a VIAL precompiled binary.

Boards work with VIAL, head to vial.rocks or download their configurator to remap the board.

There are 4 status LEDs above the F5 - F8 keys that can be configured in the source code - not in VIAL. By default LED 1 is a capslock LED, and LED 2 is an active low numlock LED.

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