Hub16 is a macro pad with 16 keys, two rotary encoders, a four port USB hub, and plenty of LEDs!

It began as the unoriginally named “Macro Keyboard”, which I designed primarily to allow rotary encoders to be used with applications such as KiCad, where there were a number of keyboard shortcuts I didn’t like pressing and wanted dedicated control for.

During my search for other implementations of keyboards, I stumbled across QMK, which powers Hub16 and provides an immense amount of control over the function of the keyboard. When combined with a tool such as AutoHotKey, you have the ability to make your macros context aware, such that the same key can preform different actions depending on what application is open, other keys are depressed, and numerous other things I haven’t thought of yet!

A few months later with the keyboard having a permanent position on my desk, I thought it would be nice to only require one USB cable to be running to my keyboards, so added a four port USB hub, along with switching to USB Type-C connectors, and the Hub16 was born.

All of the design files, firmware sources, mechanical drawings and extensive documentation are available on GitHub if you would like to build your own. Assembled versions can also be purchased from Tindie!